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The air is thick and humid in the sub-tropical savannah of the Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana. On the edge of the waterways in the Selinda Reserve, grows one of Africa’s more exotic trees, a mighty Sausage Tree. For generations local healers in Africa have used sausage trees to help young men enhance their manhood, and young women to grow bigger breasts.

This year Botswana is facing the worst drought in more than thirty years… the Sausage Tree’s bark is grey and flaky, and it branches do not bear as much of the rough haired leaves as they would other years. Still, in summer the tree is well endowed indeed; its enormous sausage shaped fruit grows up to a meter long, and weighs up to ten kilograms. Occasionally, these falling projectiles can kill an antelope.

A family of tree squirrels scurries around the tree feasting on the enormous fruit. To stay close to this food source, they have moved into several of the crevices in the Sausage Tree’s trunk. Meyer’s Parrots also flock to the tree to indulge on the tree’s opulent gifts, while a Barred Owlet hunts amongst the tree’s foliage.

As winter approaches, the Sausage Tree’s fruit begin to fall. A young elephant bull emerges from the adjacent grasslands, and begins to pick at the fallen fruit. After his  meal, he leisurely strolls to Sausage Tree’s trunk and begins kneading his hindquarters against the flaky bark.

1 x 48 minutes


During the day a diverse array of sunbirds lap up the nectar from the flowers. Other birds that drink the nectar include Meyer’s Parrots, Black-headed Orioles and Babblers. It is during this lush and fertile period that a pair of Red-billed Hornbills start to breed in a hollow in the Sausage Tree’s trunk.

By the end of spring, the Sausage sheds its last flowers… the skies begin to darken with clouds, and droplets blotch the dry sand at the foot of the Sausage Tree. At last the drought is over, and the Okavango Delta begins to flow again. This is when the mighty Sausage Tree’s offspring can take root… These saplings are bound to be as enticing their majestic father.


Sweet Seduction is part of a series of five films about five of the iconic trees in Southern Africa. Also featured in the series is a Camelthorn in the Kalahari, a Baobab in Zimbabwe, a Yellowwood in the Soutpansberg Mountains, and a Namaqua Rock Fig in Namaqualand.


Rooted Media produced and filmed Sweet Seduction and FrogFoot Filmes and Graphics were in charge for the Post Production of the series.


As the end of winter approaches, the drought is at its peak. To compensate, the Sausage Tree begins to shed its leaves. But it doesn’t stay without leaves for long tough and soon fresh red leaves begin to embellish the tree’s branches. Along with the new foliage, the Sausage Tree begins to sprout small stalks that hang beneath its branches. From the stalks, tiny buds are born, and in no time at all, these buds turn into the most magnificent display of erotic crimson sprays, each flower brimming with sweet nectar. These large, trumpet-shaped, velvety blooms only open in the evening, each flower staying open for just one night. The flowers truly are a sight to see in spring, the tree’s branches bursting with life as insects, birds and animals gain nourishment from the foul-smelling florets.


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Yosemite International Film Festival
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Rooted Media Contribution:

● Producing

● Directing

● Cinematography

● Sound Recording

FrogFoot Films and Graphics Contribution:

● Offline Edit

● Online Edit

● Grade

● Graphics

● Writing

● Final Delivery

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