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Nature... like you've never seen before.


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Rooted Media is a film production company in South Africa that develops, funds and produces wildlife films, documentaries and series for the South African and International film industry. Combining our love for nature with our passion for the art of filmmaking, it’s our goal to show the world how incredible mother nature really can be, and to make people look at the earth like they’ve never done before.

The creators of Rooted Media sees themselves as adventurers, explorers and artists… The world is full of untold stories that need to be explored. It doesn’t matter if it’s filmed in our oceans, jungles, deserts or in the bushveld, it’s our ambition to tell these extraordinary, never before seen tales, in a fresh and artistic way. Our crew is a dedicated workforce, passionate about storytelling, and unafraid to tackle challenging projects.

We are one of the few South African production companies to shoot in 4K resolution and, by means of mind-blowing timelapse photography, and state of the art drones, we are also able to capture breathtaking vistas of the worlds most beautiful landscapes. We pride ourselves on embracing new technologies.

Under the experienced leadership of the producers, Barend van der Watt and Henk Ekermans, there is a constant drive to uphold their reputation as a leader in innovation and excellence.

Together with our worldwide partners, we’re constantly looking for ways to explore new frontiers, and strive towards being a pioneer in the wildlife film industry.

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