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For five years consistently, the Healthline television show has impacted the lives of over 80 individuals and their families with free surgeries, while bringing quality health discussions to millions of Ghanaians.

The multi-award winning series is a revolutionary health talk show that addresses the health concerns of Ghanaian's through free surgeries, education & entertainment.

One such beneficiary of its free surgery initiative is Nadia Arkosah, a victim of a gruesome accident that claimed four lives. Nadia was left needing urgent help to pay her medical bills and also acquire a prosthetic leg, following an amputation to one of her legs. Healthline intervened by paying all her medical bills as well as providing her with a prosthetic leg.

Now with this assistance, Nadia says she has returned to school and hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Another beneficiary who benefited immensely from Healthline’s support is Millicent Osei Bonsu, a young lady suffering from a spinal defect.


Recounting what the family went through, Millicent’s mother said::

5 x seasons      13 x 48 minutes

“When I was informed about my child’s predicament, I was at a loss as to what to do. Thankfully I heard that Vodafone is able to help people in such challenges so I approached them for support. To the glory of God, Vodafone paid for the full cost of surgery and other related costs. My family and I cannot thank them enough.”

Hyena Men of Nigeria was produced by Launch Factory and Vodafone.

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