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Season 1  :  12 x 24 minutes

Durban, South Africa… it’s subtropical sunshine and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean makes it the place to be for local and international holidaymakers during the Christmas and New Year summer holidays. But for the city’s lifeguards, the approaching season means something entirely different. In just a few short weeks, an estimated three million people will descend on Durban’s beaches. The Durban beachfront will go from beautiful, serene sands to absolute chaos. It’s up to the highly trained lifeguards to keep the bathers safe and alive. It's an inside look of what it is like to carry the responsibility of saving troubled swimmers, many action-packed sea rescues and a battle with unpredictable weather conditions.

The show follows dynamic characters with a diverse range of experience – the beach superintendent, senior lifeguards, juniors and even some ‘rookies’ who will be working the beach for the first time. These characters will be drawn from the various personnel who are integral to the smooth running of Durban during the festive season.

Follow the South African lifeguards as they watch over festive holidaymakers on Durban's beaches. With unpredictable conditions, the lifeguards have zero tolerance for fools - particularly anyone who chooses to swim outside the demarcated area.

Durban Beach Rescue was produced by Ruby Rocket for The Travel Channel.

FrogFoot Films and Graphics was in charge of the post production of the first season of Durban Beach Rescue.

FrogFoot Films and Graphics Contribution:

● Offline Edit

● Online Edit

● Final Delivery

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